Mobility Services

Consulting and Compliance Services

  • Customized solutions with all relevant information including timing and costs, fact and data gathering, legislative news and client specific immigration policies and procedures for all categories of employment including international and domestic assignments
  • Preparing spreadsheets and comparative analyses between different types of work structures depending on the number of employees;
  • Compliance with the international and domestic immigration and tax laws, social security system
  • Repatriation services.
  • Planning and advising on corporate immigration programs and strategies;

Permits and Tax Services

  • Guidance and assistance throughout the entire process or obtaining the right type of Visa (for business, work, commercial activities or other purposes-assignment)
  • Residence Permits for non EU citizens
  • Registration certificate for EU citizens all EU citizens that envision an extended stay in Romania and members of their family, including children, have to obtain this document
  • Issuance, renewal, and cancellation of Work Authorization (as assignee, local employee, etc.) or Authorization to act as a freelancer;
  • Expertise in the validation of studies abroad/ Acknowledgement of Studies with the Ministry of Education – compulsory process for obtaining work authorization. This service includes our handling of the translation, authentication, acknowledgement and validation with the Ministry of Education of the apostilled (the apostilles are to be obtained from the country which issued the document) or over legalized as the case might be, study diploma
  • Registrations with the National House for Health Insurance (C.N.A.S.) – non- EU citizens assigned by a foreign employer to a Romanian company and their family members have to register with Romanian Health System. Without the proof that they have paid these social contributions, they will not receive the Residence Permits extension
  • Immigration services also include dealing with Tax Authorities, National House for Health Insurance and preparing the application file, Territorial Labour Inspectorate notification, managing the process and liaising with the relevant authorities (Romanian Immigration Office, Embassies or Consulates, Education Ministry, Trade Register, Health Insurance Body etc.) on behalf of the client
  • Family reunion – advisory services for bringing in Romania their family; obtaining a family reunification Visa and R/P or Residency card (for non EU citizens married with EU citizens assigned to work in Romania)
  • Preparation and submission of monthly 224 tax returns (for assignees)
  • Obtaining from the Tax Authority a certificate attesting the income tax paid in Romania – certificate issued according to the Double Tax Treaty concluded between Romania and their home country. Based on this certificate, the persons assigned in Romania who were taxed in their home country as well, can deduct or be exempted from paying the income tax in their home country. The certificate may also be obtained for foreigners who were on local payroll in Romania.