The Unique Tax Declaration can be submitted online starting May 17th

Starting Thursday, May 17th, any natural person who realizes income from economic activities or other categories of income, has the possibility to declare them online via the Master pdf form available on the Virtual Private Space, N.A.F.A. advises.

“The form automatically realize the computation on the amount of taxes and contributions due by individuals to the State Budget. The form can be accessed on the N.A.F.A. portal in the Virtual Private Space section (, downloading tax declarations”, a notice from National Agency for Fiscal Administration states.

The electronic Virtual Private Space service is provided free of charge by the Ministry of Public Finance (MPF), and the registration is possible without having to present at the N.A.F.A counters. In this respect, MPF has sent to each taxpayer by post a personalized letter containing all the necessary data for registering to the services.

Through the Virtual Private Space, you can access your personal tax status at any time and receive a series of documents, tax returns, and other tax information. The form can also be filled by qualified digital certificate holders. The submission is performed on the buy ultram online uk portal

N.A.F.A recalls that if the Unique Tax Declaration is submitted online by July 15th, 2018, and the payment of the tax obligations is performed in full until March 15th, 2019, a 5% allowance of the total amount due to the State Budget is granted and if the amount due, set at the estimated earnings for the year 2018, is fully paid by December 15th, 2018, a further 5% allowance from the total amount due, is granted.

According to N.A.F.A, the main categories of income to be declared by individuals are:

  • self-employment activities; 
  • the disposal of the use of the property, excluding the lease income;
  • agricultural activities for which the net income is set in real system;
  • fish farming and / or forestry;
  • the transfer of securities and any other transactions with financial instruments, including financial derivatives, as well as the transfer of financial gold;
  • gambling performed by individuals as a result of participating in remote gambling and poker festivals;
  • artistic and sporting activities, as performers or athletes.
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