Tax Representation

Tax Representation for VAT Purposes

Our tax representation services include, but are not limited to:

  • general and specific assistance on VAT, depending on the operations carried out;
  • assistance during the process of registration for VAT purposes in Romania, and during the process of deregistration at the end of the relevant activity;
  • declaration formalities, VAT payment, keeping the records required by law in respect of VAT in Romania;
  • Intrastat declaration formalities;
  • assistance during the process of claiming VAT refunds;
  • VAT-related audits, sanity checks and tax planning;
  • correspondence with tax authorities, etc.

Tax Proxy for Corporate Income Tax and Capital Gains Purposes

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • assistance during tax registration in Romania, and during deregistration;
  • tax formalities such as filing tax returns and tax residency certificates;
  • providing tax payment instructions and assistance in paying taxes to the State budget;
  • assistance with any possible applications for refund of overpaid taxes;
  • ensuring the relationship with brokers and other intermediaries in transactions;
  • correspondence with the Romanian tax authorities, etc.

Representation for Claw-Back Tax Purposes

Our tax representation services include, but are not limited to:

  • advice on laws related to the claw-back tax and on legislative updates on reporting in the field;
  • notification of the Health Agency concerning representation for claw-back tax payment;
  • declaration formalities, requesting and sending records required by law regarding the claw-back tax in Romania;
  • providing instructions for payment of the quarterly contribution, and assistance in paying it to the State budget;
  • correspondence with relevant authorities, assistance in formulating notices, appeals, etc.

Tax Representation for Investment Funds

Tax Representation can assist with a range of services related to tax representation of non-resident investment funds for transactions involving securities in Romania: registration / deregistration, tax compliance, correspondence with tax authorities, specific planning and advice.

Refunds of VAT, Withholding Tax, Tax on Dividends and Capital Gains Tax

Our services dedicated to the refund of taxes paid in Romania target resident or non-resident clients that are interested in obtaining refunds such as:

  • VAT refund for non-resident companies;
  • VAT refund for companies registered for VAT purposes;
  • Refund of withholding tax, tax on dividends and capital gains tax.

Tax Representation Consulting and Planning

In addition to specific services, tax representation and empowerment services include consulting on optimization of payment liabilities, and assistance and/or representation before tax authorities by means of explanatory reports or meetings.

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