Language Services

In our business, continuous and excellent communication with worldwide clients is the key to success. We have developed a team of professional translators and interpreters as part of our group to help us communicate and provide deliverables and prompt solutions using specialised client-specific terminology.

Our work is defined by joint efforts of project managers, professional translators, editors and proofreaders to ensure authenticity and quality. Projects are selectively assigned to specialised translators based on their experience in various fields. CAT tools and terminology bases are permanently updated and improved.

Professional interpreters are always present to accompany our experts during meetings and conferences. In case communication may be rendered easier or additional information is needed in order to surpass language barriers and understand country and cultural specificity of deals, transactions or legislation, we can always rely upon our team of translators and interpreters.

Our Services Include:






Specialised Translations

We have a vast experience in translating highly specialised documents related to a wide range of industries, including technical, legal, pharma, energy, IT&C, cosmetics, and the list may continue

Certified and Legalized Translations

All our translators are authorised by the Ministry of Justice and we benefit from a long-lasting collaboration with Public Notary Offices.

Apostille and Overlegalization

We can provide our support in case an apostille or overlegalisation is required, depending on the organisation or the country for which the translation is intended

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

Whether consecutive interpretation for client meetings or simultaneous interpretation for large conferences is required, we can assign the best interpreters of our team to meet such needs

Website Translation and Localization

We adapt the format and content of any website to any specific language and culture so that it seems natural to that particular country or region.

Content Proofreading and Format Editing

These are the crucial final stages of any writing process. Confusing or even costly outcomes may result if such stages are not adequately performed. We take time and care to carry out a proper check in any of our translation languages.

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