Employer of Records

Leasing of Personnel

Many Companies in their activities faced the situations when the stuff is overloaded, and to hire a new employee is unprofitable, and the work should be made professionally and in time. In this case the personnel lease could help. Mirus understands the necessity and importance of hiring and properly on-boarding the best talent in the workforce and we are the partners that any organization needs when looking for additional personnel for determined periods.

Leasing of personnel is a relatively new concept for the labor market in Romania. We provide integrated personnel services for your company to get the needed efficiency. The major advantage of the integrated personnel services provided by us is that we deal with anything related to management and organization of human resources, from recruiting to payroll – including for foreign citizens (expatriates) – so that the activity of your company carries on at a desired pace.

Personnel leasing lowers costs for administration and accounting agenda (we ensure all the activities connected with contracts, register and deregister at the health insurance company, we deal with work incapacity, labour and insurance office controls, comunicate with state offices and other institutions, keep the records which are required by the law).

Mirus is accredited by MMSSF and has the necessary resources to administrate and cover such a need by providing the necessary personnel.