Corporate Services

Corporate Services

We provide combined and consolidated enterprise wide needed support services, based on specialized knowledge and best practices:

Company incorporation Services

  • Preparing necessary documents
  • Submitting the relevant file with the Trade Registry and obtaining name reservation
  • Preparing the Articles of Incorporation and other relevant documents
  • Depositing the share capital with the bank

Bank account opening and management

  • Introduction to top-rated banks
  • Opening and operating bank accounts
  • Assistance in arranging e-banking facilities

Company secretarial services

  • Creating all-inclusive corporate files in both hard and soft copies. Providers of corporate files could be accountants, lawyers, landlords, other services providers, banks
  • Advice on any changes of mandatory deadlines for the adoption and/or filing of company accounts
  • Maintenance of the original local corporate files, including making them available for inspection at client request
  • Drafting of all corporate documents required to adopt and approve the respective annual financial statements, use of profit / loss (including dividend distributions), discharge of management board members and other matters normally included in annual general meetings
  • Submitting corporate documents for signature to client’s legal department / counsel, indicating who should sign, the form of any signatures or notarizations required, the number of originals required, details regarding the return of originals
  • Drafting and submitting all mandatory corporate filings (excluding tax filings of any kind) which may be required in connection with shareholders’ resolutions / annual general meetings and/or the adoption of the financial accounts
  • Uploading copies of all corporate documents and filings created under this engagement to the electronic filing system as indicated by the client, thereby keeping this electronic filing system current
  • Aggregated monthly status reports in an electronic format (e.g., Excel spreadsheet) showing account adoption / signature / filing status
  • Participation of the central point of contact in regular (monthly) status review calls

Domiciliation services and mail handling and routing

  • Registered offices for newly incorporated companies
  • Correspondence management
  • Separate phone/fax lines and e-mail addresses
  • Fully equipped offices

Directorship services

  • Directorship services include a corporate director and/or one or more individuals to be appointed as director/s of the Company
  • Execution of all corporate documents needed
  • Hosting and leading two board meetings a year, preparation of full board packs (BEPS – effective place of management requirement)

Escrow services

  • We come up with specific escrow solutions for any situation in order to mitigate financial risk when closing transactions, especially when one or several parties are located in different jurisdictions

Shelf companies

  • We provide shelf companies (ready-made companies) incorporated in Romania in compliance with all applicable laws, including any accounting or tax requirements

Management services

  • Preparing and documenting board packs in cooperation with the client’s tax/legal advisor

Trust & fiduciary services

  • Formation and administration of trusts
  • Assets structuring and protection
  • Execution of trust documents
  • Provision with a broad range of trustees
  • Advising on jurisdiction and type of fiduciary structure
  • Preparation of tax-efficient structures
  • Asset consolidation and risk mitigation

Screening & KYC Compliance

We can help our clients to take the right decision by choosing to be informed and to consider any potential risk level when contracting or accepting a potential new customer, supplier, member of personnel or business partner. Our aim is to speed up the decision-making process based on a streamlined due diligence research.

The complete process assumes the following steps:

  1. Accurate and current data research, collection & analysis
  2. Preparation and delivery of customized reports
  3. Supplementary verification with additional discreet sources
  4. Keeping record archive (up to 3 years)

Our Services are:

Corporate Know-Your-Third-Party” (KY3P), “Know-Your-Vendor” (KYV), “Know-Your-Supplier” (KYS), “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Reports 

These reports are based on the research and identification of the following:

  1. Company Identification data – type of entity, name, address, Trade Registry Number, Tax identification number, history, status, management, employees, share capital, authorized NACE codes, subsidiaries, secondary offices, FATCA classification of the company
  2. Listing of Directors / Shareholders (both individuals and corporate) / Corporate Group
  3. Financial data: key information retrieved from the balance sheet and the profit and loss account
  4. Financial analysis based on financial data: creditworthiness, economic results, business and industry risk class
  5. Negative news on the company and related enforcements

Individual Background Screening Reports

These reports are based on the research and identification of the following:

  1. List of companies where an individual act as a Director/ Shareholder
  2. Date for appointment in the position of Director/ Shareholder
  3. Source attesting such appointment and the date when the information was recorded
  4. Identification of negative news and risks (PEP, AML, enforcements)

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