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Our legal practice together with our tax practice, represent the core business of our company. It is led by Ionut Zeche, Managing Partner and Founder of the company. Ionut Zeche has a dual degree in accounting and law and his focus is tax litigation and tax inspection. Ionut is the Global Chairperson of the Immigration and Executive Services Practice Group of GGI, as well Global Vice-Chairperson of its International Tax Practice Group. Within our legal practice, we strive to respond to our client’s needs, with tailor made solutions that help them grow their business. Our services span both large and small mandates, from corporate and commercial to tax litigation.


  • Corporate establishment and restructuring, assessing legal requirements for acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers, setting-up new companies; drafting by-laws for all types of corporate structures; assisting during registration and obtaining required authorisations and licensing for operations; assistance upon an increase or decrease of share capital using various methods (contribution in kind or in cash, debt- equity swap and so on); and assessing legal requirements for winding up, spin-off, dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy.
  • Commercial contracts drafting, negotiating and amending all types of commercial contracts.
  • Compliance in corporate board meetings and in any decision making process; providing legal and secretarial assistance during general meetings of shareholders; drafting documents related to corporate governance and proceedings to their due registration and publication; auditing the material commercial contracts; assessing clients’ legal and regulatory compliance requirements; providing advice for enhancing contractual performance and coverage in the case of non-performance; periodically assessing threatening commercial litigation and courses of action in the case of a breach by contractual partners and assisting in conciliations procedures; and advising and applying for required authorisations, licenses, permits and other clearances.


General employment related matters, negotiating and implementing governmental facilities for employee restructuring, advising on employment schemes for foreign employees, employees' profit sharing, advising on wages and bonus payments, overtime and executive powers, maternity/paternity and disability rights and advice on employment termination, including redundancy.


We assist in structuring complex merger and acquisition transactions; preparation of preliminary and final offers and related documentation; assisting during bidding procedures and/or direct negotiations; providing legal services, including legal due-diligence, in order to assess key issues regarding the target (corporate, real-estate, commercial contracts, financial agreements, authorisations and licensing, competition compliance, IP protection); assessing key issues related to the implementation of the transaction (incorporation requirements, shareholders' agreements, re-authorisation, tax-related issues); preparation and negotiation of the transaction documents and related documents; conducting meetings with the relevant Romanian authorities, proceeding to due registration and publication.

Ionut Zeche


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